Less Than Load and Full Truckload

ESNA can arrange Less Than Load and Full Truckload shipments to/from the USA and Canada for our customers. We have contracts with major LTL carriers to offer service to and from most US and Canadian points. Our established relationships with freight consolidators allow us to move larger shipments at a lower cost.  Additionally we are able to offer expedited team service, from within our network of carriers, for time sensitive full truckload shipments. ESNA acts as the transportation and traffic department for many of our customers – we shop for rates on your behalf and arrange shipping to meet your cost and time requirements.


ESNA arranges harbor drayage of import containers. We work with several drayage companies that bring containers from port LA/LB to our warehouse, and can arrange for delivery to other customers or locations as required. We will track inbound containers for customers and watch for discharge from vessel and avaiability at the steamship terminal. We will follow up with freight forwarders, customs brokers, and customers to resolve any issues that may arise. Once a Delivery Order is issued by your customs broker we expedite the pickup and move to our warehouse or other consignee as quickly as possible. ESNA can advance PierPass TMF, exam fees, and demurrage charges as necessary.


ESNA can handle your export shipments – we will consolidate shipments as required at our warehouse for loading into export containers, and arrange drayage of loaded export containers to the port in order to meet vessel cutoffs. We capture any required information from export freight, such as lot numbers and gross/net weights. We can also take pictures of the container at various stages through loading if required. We have plenty of experience with both palletized and irregular export loads – we have handled everything from palletized food product to bulk plastic scrap for recycling. ESNA can also advance PierPass TMF and any other charges as necessary in order to expedite shipment, and will follow up with your freight forwarder / broker to ensure everything is going as planned, or to resolve any problems that may arise.

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